Joining the PJKITA CLUB is a testament of your commitment as a PJrian to join hands with MBPJ and make the city a better place. We have many projects in the pipeline that we would be honored to collaborate with you and we would love to hear your ideas too! As we move forward, we hope that we are moving forward with you, together, hand in hand. We look forward to meet you personally and take a step together towards making PJ a better city!



Centralize Effort to Improve PJ.

Direct and Priority Communication with Club Members.

Improve the love and bond between PJrians and the City.

Increase awareness and understanding between PJrians and the City Council.

Platform for volunteers, community and city council officials to meet and get to know each other.


Help us to make PJ a better place by becoming a volunteer! Let us know which category you belong to for the membership!